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How often should I review my life insurance plan?
  • You should make necessary changes to your life insurance plan as and when major changes take place in your life, as this would mean that your life insurance plan is always up to date and continues to be suited to your needs. We all lead busy lifestyles and most people would not think about amending their life insurance plan and coverage each and every time a change took place in their life. However, conducting a yearly review of your life insurance plan is a great way to provide yourself and your loved ones with a safety net, as it provides you with an opportunity to pick up on any changes that you should have made earlier but forgot to do so.

  • If you are unsure as to whether your life insurance plan is still suited to your needs or what sorts of changes you need to consider, it is always a good idea to speak to your financial adviser. You can discuss the major changes that have taken place in your life with an expert and this will enable you to get the advice that you need to make the necessary changes to your plan so that your loved ones still have the necessary level of financial security that they need.

  • It is not a big or difficult task to regularly review your life insurance policy. You can contact your adviser who will have details of your insurances and happy to discuss any changes that you wish to make. Alternatively, you can contact the insurance provider to access your policy information. Regular review also offers insured persons a piece of mind knowing the current policy meets coverage needs.

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