The Process
Our process is tailored to your needs

Step 1

Identify client objectives
We find out exactly what your concerns are, your budget, what you want to protect and any barriers to insurance.
step 1

Step 2

Research and preparation of options
We conduct extensive research into suitable insurance providers and policies, providing recommendations on structure, features and benefits and considerations of tax implications, claims issues, long-term premium savings and policy flexibility.
step 2

Step 3

Presentation of advice
We run through all available options, discussing specifics and how the policy will work should you need to make a claim.
step 3

Step 4

Implementation of selected option
Once you've chosen your policy, we will assist you with your application, negotiating with the recommended insurer to secure your policy on satisfactory terms. We will also work with your existing policies where necessary
step 4

Step 5

Review & claims
Every year, we review your policy against the market and amend in line with changes to your circumstances. Should you need to make a claim, we will handle and assist you with the process.
step 5
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